Mooer Radar Speaker Simulator


RADAR Speaker Simulator

The MOOER RADAR is a full-featured, professional speaker simulator which can be a permanent resident at the end of your pedalboard. Not only does it carry 30 cab models but it also has optional microphone and power amp simulation. Ideal for recording or hooked up to your favourite headphones for practice. The RADAR will transform your pedalboard into a complete guitar rig. RADAR Features

  • 30 different speaker cab models
  • 11 mic models
  • 4 power amp models
  • Customizable EQ stage
  • Capable of loading custom IRs
  • Store and recall up to 36 user presets
  • Connect to PC editor via USB
  • Supports headphones and lineout

In case you’re not familiar IR (Impulse Response) technology, and without getting too technical or nerdy about it… IR is used to digitally recreate the sound of a real speaker cabinet. This is a very important element in the guitar rig since the speakers make up about 50% of the overall guitar sound.

IR tech has been around for a while in the studio realm, but it’s still a relatively new technology in the world of guitar gear. However, in the past 5 years or so, the popularity for this tech has been growing exponentially with guitarists. So much so, that the majority of professional session guitarists now have a bunch of their own IR models which they prefer to use in the studio and for live shows. IRs have become an industry standard for use in a digital guitar rig.

We are now seeing a trend of everyday guitarists experimenting with IRs. In order for them to use their own IR models outside of their studio computer, users need to spend a lot of money on a dedicated device. Such as the Torpedo from Two notes. This makes it inaccessible for many guitarists, particularly if they are just curious about trying IRs, as it becomes a major purchase.

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